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Each Mind Matters: Stanislaus

Each Mind Matters is California’s Mental Health Movement

Stanislaus County Behavioral Health  & Recovery Services  is part of a growing statewide community of individuals and organizations dedicated to a shared vision of mental wellness and equality. Wellness doesn’t mean we’ll never need help. It means we are proactive, positive and resilient when faced with challenges.

We believe in healing through action, strength through diversity and

power through collaboration.

Why Each Mind Matters

We all have mental health. As with our physical health, sometimes we are doing well, other times we could use some help. Our minds deserve the same attention as our bodies.

Early support and help for mental health challenges can reduce suffering and save lives. But not everyone who wants and needs help reaches out to get it. One of the greatest barriers to wellness is stigma.

  • Stigma wrongly assumes that someone who is different from us is less of a person because of it.
  • Stigma can be within us as individuals, families, communities and even institutions.
  • Stigma creates fear, pain and injustice that stop people from reaching out to care for their minds as they would care for their bodies.

The elimination of stigma is essential to prevention, early intervention and support for those experiencing mental health challenges.

 We can save lives and dollars tomorrow if we are willing to talk honestly

about the realities of mental health today.


If you or your organization is interested in joining this anti-stigma campaign, please contact Janet Nunez-Pineda, BHRS Prevention Services Manager at (209) 541-2555.


How you can get involved in Stanislaus County:march4.jpg


Share Your Story

The most powerful thing you can do to end stigma is to tell your story. Research shows that personal contact with a person living with mental health challenges is the #1 most effective way to open someone’s mind and start to end stigma.

Make a Pledge

Ending the stigma associated with mental illness is a personal choice. We have to decide for ourselves that each mind really does matter. Each one of us must determine what we will do to make a difference.

Now is your chance to make your own personal Each Mind Matters pledge in the space provided below.

Get the Tools

Our logo is the heart of our visual identity, and several configurations are available here for download. When using these images, we ask that the Each Mind Matters logo stay paired with “California’s Mental Health Movement” in some way; please do not alter, distort, or recreate any of these versions. Questions? Feel free to drop us a line at


Training and Education

BHRS can provide a training or education session focused on how your community or organization can partners with us to reduce stigma related to mental illness 



BHRS can provide staff to provide outreach material and information on mental health and wellness and reducing stigma related to mental illness.


Click the logo below to visit the statewide EMM website.