What Should Be In My Multi Vitamin?

A good deal of us-along with eating well and getting regular exercise-faithfully take multi vitamins to balance our body's daily dietary needs of minerals and nutrients. Strangely enough, many could not recite what minerals and vitamins are in them, these percentages, or the individual nutrient's purpose, if asked. Here is a quick reference guide that lists the essential vitamins and minerals you should have in a basic multi vitamin, and the mineral/vitamin amounts that your multi vitamin should offer (based on an already healthy diet and fitness lifestyle).


· Vitamin A: 5000 IU. Vitamin A maintains normal cell reproduction, eye/vision health, embryonic development, and aids in normal reproductive functions.

· Vitamin B Complex (

o thiamine: 1.5mg. aids in protein, fat, and carb process into energy;

o riboflavin: 1.7mg. helps your body process amino acids, fats, and also converts carbs into fuel;

o niacin: 20mg. aids in the releasing of energy from carbs into fat;

o vitamin b6: 10mg. main vitamin responsible for processing amino acids as well as neurotransmitters that allow for feel-good hormones: serotonin, melatonin, and dopamine;

o vitamin b12: 50mcg. maintains normal cell activity, dna production, controls homocysteine levels, and improves SAMe function (substance that boosts dopamine levels in the body);

o folate: 400mcg. responsible for cell growth and multiplication, healthy dna formation, and protein synthesis;

o pantothenic acid: 10mg. responsible for the body's cholesterol synthesis, proper adrenal glands activity, and creates the neurotransmitter acetylcholine (maintains central and peripheral nervous system health);

o biotin: 300mcg. aids in the metabolism of carbs, proteins, and fats.

· Vitamin C: 100-200mg. Responsible for antioxidant functions, collagen production, maintaining a healthy heart, improving eye sight, preventing lead retention in the body, maximizing blood cell health, and the protection/functions of an overall healthy immune system.

· Vitamin D: 400 IU. Responsible in calcium absorption and for storage to properly regulate the calcium levels in your bones/teeth, regulates insulin levels, and blood cell formation.

· Vitamin E: 100-400 IU. Aids in cell membrane protection/regulation, glucose production, tissue repair, and general bodily inflammation relief.

· Vitamin K: 80mcg. Vitamin K helps distribute calcium in the body to ensure proper bone growth and blood clotting functions.


· Calcium: 800-1,000mg. Calcium is responsible for bone/teeth formation, strength, and health; normal blood clotting functions; muscle contraction; and general neurotransmitter health.

· Magnesium: 250-400mg. Magnesium is responsible for producing ATP (used for bodily energy), helps in the formation of new cells, regulates the use of insulin, and provides help in bone growth and blood clotting.

· Zinc: 15-25mg. Zinc's purpose is to synthesize proteins, heal wounds/infections, aid in cell reproduction/health, boost immunity from free radicals, and enhance eyesight/vision.

· Iodine: 150mcg. Iodine is responsible for the formation and regulation of thyroid hormones, which in turn are responsible for normal metabolic cell function.

· Selenium: 100-200mcg. Selenium aids in thyroid hormone function, overall immune health, and cancer prevention.

· Copper: 1-3mg. Copper helps the body absorb/use iron, manufacture collagen, and synthesize/regulate ATP (used for bodily energy).

· Manganese: 2-5mg. Manganese aids in the maintenance of healthy bones/skin, glucose regulation, and cartilage formation.

· Chromium: 120-200mcg. Chromium aids the body in regulating normal blood sugar levels.

· Molybdenum: 75mcg. Molybdenum provides proper enzyme health for the purpose of metabolizing iron effectively.

· Iron (multi vitamins come with/without iron depending on your body's needs. As always consult your physician before adding to your diet): 18 mg. Iron is responsible for creating ATP (used for bodily energy) and regulating the oxygen levels in your blood.


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